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Who we are?

QClose HR is one of the world-class software and cloud services providers. We develop unique time tracking solutions for agencies, nonprofits, consultants, universities, architects, IT, healthcare and lot more. It has been our believe that time reporting should be as easy as possible, not only for the user registering time on projects and activities but also for the administrators wanting reports or statistics from the reported time.

We are driven by the desire to make your corporate life as simple as possible while providing you with adequate data to help understand your company performance. We value the strong connection between employee performance and company success. Our understanding in this field has driven us to create tailored solutions capable of improving organizational efficiency and productivity. We provide software and cloud solutions that are quick-to-configure and require a minimum of ongoing professional services to maintain.

Why choose us

Our apps are among the most easily configured in the market. We believe that the true promise of cloud solutions is delivering an efficient and advanced solution to customers seamlessly, automatically, unlike the costly disruption of old-style software upgrades and updates. Our broad knowledge base continues to build upon the value created from our customers' successes. Our undisputed approach to training and education allows our customers to keep their solutions with us as evergreen assets that grow and evolve with their organizations over time.


Our mission

Our mission is to create outstanding value for customers by providing industry and business solutions with unprecedented ease-of-use, flexibility and reliability.

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If you would like to learn more about QClose HR Software, please get in touch. Our employees are friendly, open minded, focused, creative, and supportive of each other's side projects, dreams, and goals.

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